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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be defined as a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurance company, where the insurer promises to pay a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person or after a set period.

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the medical expenses of the insured due to an illness or accident in exchange for a premium amount.

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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home.

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Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance would typically cover both the property risk (theft or damage to the vehicle) and the liability risk (legal claims arising from an accident). Vehicle insurance is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles.

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance serves business executives who are responsible for the purchase and administration of corporate insurance/self-insurance programs.

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Property Insurance

Property insurance is a broad term for a series of policies that provide either property protection coverage or liability coverage for property owners.

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